Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu
Poetry in Urdu

Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu

Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu

Poetry in Urdu :

Kaha Iqbal Ne Sheikhe Haram Se

Tah-e-Mehrab-e-Masijd So Gaya Kon

Nidaa Masjid Ki Deewaron Se Aai

Farangi But Kade Men Kho Gaya Kon


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Shaheen Ka Shewa Nahen :

Hawadis Se Dar Kar Qadam Rok Lena

Hawa Dekh Kar Apna Rukh Mor Lena

Shaheen Ka Shewa Nahen Perwaz Ke Dauran

Toofan Jo Aaye To Perwaz Rok Lena


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Jawab-e-Shikwa :

Kiyan Tahreer Jo Shikwa Iqbal Ne

Na Jaane Hongey Wo Is Waqt Kis Haal Men

Jab Hosh Men Aaye To Ye Socha Hoga

Hum Per Gaye Ye Kis Janjaal Men

Phir Jhat Se Likh Dala Jawab-e-Shikwa

Yoon Tabdeeli Kuch Laye Amaal Men

Ki Is Tarha Se Apni Ghalti Ki Talaafi

Acha Khayal Aaya Unke Khayal Men


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Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu

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Iqbal Ka Falak :

Likhi Hai Jis Falak Pe Taqdeer-e-Nau Hamari

Aao Na Ghar Basayen Ussi Aasman Pay Yaro

Jinhen Tha Shughuf Faqeeri Mili Unko Sarfarazi

Nazaan Qanoon-e-Fitrat Issi Karwaan Pa Yaro

Mere Liye To Saqi Wohi Jaam Bhar Ke Laana

Jo Mujhey Aziz Kar De Issi Lamakan Pa Yaro

Iqbal Ke Falak Ka Adna Sa Hu Sitara

Meri Lau Timtimaye Issi Kahkashan Pa Yaro


Poetry in Urdu

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Andaaz-e-Shayari :

Kya Khoob Shayari Ka Andaaz Hai Tera

Ik Ik Lafaz Men Jadu Sa Chupa Paun

Bikhri Ummat Ko Mila Dia Tu Ne Kaise

Tere Ehsaan Musalman Ko Main Kaise Bataun

Tere Ashaar Men Nojawan Kelye Nasehat Hai Chupi

Kash Is Qaum Ko In Baton Per Chalta Hua Paun

Logon Ko Jagane Ka Jadu Tha Paas Tere Iqbal

Aisa He Hunar Aey Kash Main Bhi Paun


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Best Collection :

Meri Shaakh-e-Amal Ka Hai Samar Kya

Teri Taqdeer Ki Mujh Ko Khabar Kya

Kali Gul Ki Hai Mohtaj-e-Kishod Aaj

Naseem-e-Subh-e-Fardaa Per Nazar Kya


Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu

Allama Iqbal Poetry in Urdu
Iqbal Poetry in Urdu

Khud Numai :

Na Kar Zikr-e-Firaq-o-Aashnai

Ke Asal Zindagi Hai Khud Numai

Na Darya Ka Ziyan Hai Na Gohar Ka

Dil-e-Darya Se Gohar Ki Judai


Allama Muhammad Iqbal an inspiration for young Muslims at all times and places
After having control over conventional languages such as, Persian, Arabic, and Urdu, he achieved his own M.A. level in Philosophy in the Scottish Mission School. He continued his schooling of Doctorate at The Growth of Metaphysics from Germany. In addition, he owned the amount of Barat Law.

In addition, getting affected by the teachings of Sir Thomas Arnold among his doctrine teacher at Government College Lahore, he travelled to Europe because of his additional credentials.
He attained the level of Bachelor of Arts in 1906, given the title of barrister at Lincoln’s Inn in precisely the exact same calendar year.

During his career, he adopted distinct careers at distinct times. Finally, he became the national poet and preferred the notion of Pakistan. The intriguing is that he not merely wrote in Urdu but also in the Persian Language. His poetry depicts he had been the poet of the east, who think in Wahdatul Wujood. From many powerful steps of Sir Iqbal few that are the most notable are, increasing the voice for Muslims of India if the British were restraining themhis focus on education and beating the social issues were brought into the light.
His ideology supporting the symbolism for Indian Muslims in 1930 and his incredible poetry allowed many Muslims to emphasise within the faith of Islam and opened their eyes.Some of the most renowned novels are; Shikwa, jawab-e-shikwa, Armaghan-e-Hijaz, Bal-e-Jibrael and many others gave him lots of success. Notably, Shikwa generated hype as many Muslims were worried that how he could whine to Almighty. But following Jawab e Shikwa, everyone wasn’t only impressed but also adored his poetry style.
Sir Allama Iqbal also composed many novels.At the year of 1928, the standing of Sir Allama Iqbal was established and he presented lectures at Hyderabad, Madras, and Aligarh. Back in 1932 Iqbal arrived to England as a Muslim assign to the Third Round Table Conference. His correspondence was strong using irreplaceable words and strength of ideas.Sir Allama Iqbal died on the 21st of April, 1938, but his impressive work and endure for Muslims will stay alive during our lives. He’s buried near the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.
His lovely poetry keeps on inspiring individuals and youthful. There are numerous men and women who like to write about him and lots of put where you hunt an article on Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal. Notably about the essay writing support in Pakistan, these leaders actually have to be saluted for exactly what they’ve done to Muslim countries. Pakistani Muslims are living peacefully within their homeland where there’s not any inference of another non-muslim celebration.
Whereas, Muslims in India are suffering much as still hatred can’t be eliminated from hearts.Iqbal was the first Muslim warrior of his span, also in his several volumes of poetry (written in Urdu and Persian) and documents, he advocated a regeneration of Islam throughout the love of God and the energetic development of the self. “I’ve never considered myself a poet. And so, I’m not a rival of anybody, and I don’t think about anyone my rival. I don’t have any interest in poetic artistry. However, yes, I’ve got a unique goal in mind for whose saying that I use the medium of poetry taking into consideration the condition as well as the habits of the nation.”Iqbal‘s contribution into the Muslim world among the best leaders of Islam remains unequalled.
In his writingshe treated and treated individuals, especially the youth, to stand up and confront life’s challenges . The principal theme and main origin of the message was that the Qur’an.




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