Beautiful Ramadan Quotes in Urdu
Quotes in Urdu

Beautiful Ramadan Quotes in Urdu

Beautiful Ramadan Quotes in Urdu

Quotes in Urdu :

Farmaan-e-Mustafa ﷺ ;

“Jo Roze Ki Haalat Men Mara Allah Pak Qayamat Tak Kelye Uske Hisab Men Roze Likh Dega”


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Nahen Kar Sakta :

Kisi Ka Dil Torne Wala “ALLAH” Ki Talash Nahin Kar Sakta!


Golden Words

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Badi Naiki Hai :

Badi Ka Mauqa Hote Huye Badi Na Karna Bohat Bari Naiki Hai


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Importance of Namaz :

“Nabi Kareem Bhi Namaz Se Madad Chahte They” Nabi Kareem Ko Jab Koi Sakht Muhim Pesh Aati To Wo Namaz Men Mashghool Hojatey


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Best Sayings :

Ummul Momineen Syeda Ayesha Siddiqa Farmati Hain “Jab Banda Allah Ki Nafarmani Ka Koi Amal Karta Hai To Uski Tareef Karne Wale Log Uski Muzammat Karne Lagte Hain”


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Be Namazi :

“Be Namazi” Ki Subse Bari Bad Naseebi Ye Hai Ke Wo Allah Aur Rasool Ka Nafarmaan Hai!


Beautiful Ramadan Quotes in Urdu

Beautiful Ramadan Quotes in Urdu
Jumma Mubarak Quotes

Khoobsurat Tohfa :

“Juma Ke Din Ka Khoobsurat Tohfa” Maghrib Aur Isha Ki Namaz Ke Darmyani Waqfe Men Surah Fateha 11 Baar Surah Kausar 11 Baar Surah Ikhlas 11 Baar Parhne Se Allah Agle Juma Tak Kelye Rizaq Ka Intezam Kar Deta Hai(Subhan Allah)


The Fasting of Ramadan: A Time for Thought, Action, and Change!
It’s very important to be aware that Fasting in Arabic is known as,”Sawm”, which actually means’to be in rest’. Fasting in the month of Ramadan (the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar) is among the Five Pillars on the”home” of Islam is constructed. In this month, each able-bodied Muslim, is needed to quickly, everyday from sunrise until dusk.

Beautiful Ramadan

This soul is the organic product of the simple fact that if people quickly they believe they are joining the entire Muslim culture (which constitutes more than 1 fifth of world’s population) in detecting exactly the identical responsibility, in precisely the exact same fashion, at exactly the exact same time, for precisely the very same motives, and to precisely the exact same end. No more sociologist or historian could say there has been at any time of history anything similar to the highly effective establishment of Islam: Movements in the month of Ramadan.

In brief, though the actual intention of this energetic establishment of Praise is to subject our spirit and ethical behaviour, and also to create empathy for the less fortunate, it’s a multifunctional and a thorough instrument of change within a variety of spheres of our own lives, such as: economic and social, intellectual and diplomatic, spiritual and bodily, personal and public, private and ordinary, internal and outside –all in one!


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