Best Urdu Quotes
Urdu Quotes

Best Urdu Quotes

Best Urdu Quotes

Urdu Quotes :

Kamai Choti Ya Bari Ho Sakti Hai Lekin Roti Ka Size Har Ghar Men Aik Jesa He Hota Hai, Islye Sirf Halal Kamaiye


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Aafreen Aziyat :

Aashna Se Chehron Ke Ajnabi Rawayyon Ko Seh Kar Muskura Dena Aik Aaafreen Aziyat Hoti Hai!


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Dil Ko Mazboot Karo :

Apne Dil Ko Mazboot Karo Aur Har Aik Se Ye Tawaqqa Rakhna Chor Do Ke Wo Tumhari Baat Samjhega, Har Baat Har Aik Kelye Nahin Hoti!


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Best Urdu Quotes

Best Urdu
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Dushman Ko Raazi Kar Sakte Hain :

Aap Har Dushman Ko Raazi Kar Sakte Hain Lekin Haasid Ko Raazi Karne Ki Aik He Soorat Hai Ke Aaap Khud Tabah Hojayen!



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Lehjon Men Bezari :

Aur Phir Maine Wahan Sabar Kar Lia Jahan…………Logon Ke Lehjon Men Bezari Dekhi!



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