Facebook Cover Photo Quotes and Sayings
Facebook Cover Photo Quotes and Sayings

Facebook Cover Photo Quotes and Sayings

Facebook Cover Photo Quotes and Sayings

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Fashion Chahey Jitna Bhi Khoobsurat Lagey Wo Pardey Aur Sharmo Haya Se Ziada Khoobsurat Nahen Hota


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Khuda Ke Faisley :

Yaqeen Kejiye Khuda Ke Faisley Hamari Khuwahishon Se Behtar Hoite Hote Hain


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Best Sayings

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Insaniat Subse Bara Mazhab Hai Jin Baton Se Dusron Ke Dil Dukhen Unse Gurez Kejiye


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Bharosa Rab Ki Zaat Per :

Bharosa Siraf Rab Ki Zaat Per Rakho Logon Ka Kya Hai Chor
Jate Hain Tor Jate Hain


English / Education / General Knowledge 


Urdu Quotes and Sayings

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Halal Kamaiye :

Apni Aamadni Men Guzara Kijye Kisi Se Apna Muwazna Mat Kijye Kam Khareed Lijiye Sasta Pahen Lijiye Saada Khaiye Lekin Halal Khaiye


Facebook Cover Photo Quotes and Sayings

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Khuda Bakhash Deta Hai :

Khuda Bakhash Deta Hai Lekin Makhlooq Nahen Bakhashti


Heart Touching

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Dilon Ke Firoun :

Aajzi Ke Libas Men Dilon Ke Firoun Hain Log


Why do Muslim women wear a hijab?

According to some, the veil was utilized as a method of curbing male sexual desire. Yet covering the body and head predated Islam. Jewish, Hindu and Christian women also have covered their thoughts at different times in history and in various areas of earth.

Lots of women who pay talk about it in order demonstrating their entry to God plus a continuous reminder to hold fast to Islamic beliefs like being fair and generous to people in need.Asserting individuality But, there are different reasons for embracing the hijab. Consequently in Western and Middle Eastern nations, the veil became a symbol of national identity and resistance to the West during liberty and civic moves.

Today, some girls wear the hijab to indicate pride in their cultural identity. This is much more so for immigrants in Europe along with also the United States, in which there’s been a rise in Islamophobia.

Facebook article for World Hijab Day 2018

In a Facebook article for World Hijab Day 2018 that went viral, Columbia College pupil Toqa Badran composed,”I use this scarf because I was a kid I had been socialized to become embarrassed, even ashamed, of my faith and my civilization.

I had been told to be a Muslim was a terrorist and to be Muslim was to endorse violence and oppression… I knew that I’d be undesirable as long as I wore symbols of my legacy and decided to, in nonetheless contemporary a way, adopt my ancestors”Muslim African-American girls in the U.S. occasionally put on a hijab to indicate their spiritual affiliation.

They also wish to dispel the premise that African-Americans are Christians, which just individuals with roots overseas could be Muslim. In reality, 13 percent of adult Muslims from the U.S have been black Americans born from the nation.

Different reasons for wearing a hijab

For a number of different girls, the headscarf is now a way of resistance to standards of female beauty that need more vulnerability. Proponents of this view assert that eliminating clothing for the advantage of the male gaze doesn’t equivalent liberation.

According to investigators, women in hijabs notice that companies need to interact together according to their qualifications rather than their look and that, thus, the hijab levels the playing area.

Finally, for many girls, the headscarf is a benefit. It may reduce remarks from other people about girls being out in people and reduce episodes of harassment on the road and in work.Regardless of the multiple, complex motives behind wearing a hijab, there are individuals who regularly assert that girls who wear a headscarf are always oppressed.

Examples of hijab-wearing girls in the authorities, for example recently elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omarathletes or athletes like Olympian fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, can help dispel those stereotypes.




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