General Knowledge Questions And Answers

General Knowledge Questions And Answers


This Post Is About General Knowledge Quiz. You Can Read So Many General Knowledge Questions And Answers In This Post. This Is Your General Knowledge Test. We Have Added GK Questions In This Post. Hope You Like These General Knowledge Quiz With Answers.


General Knowledge Quiz With Answers:

CHUKOR or Partridge is renowned to be the national bird of Pakistan


General Knowledge Questions And Answers

general knowledge

General Knowledge Quiz Pakistan

General Knowledge Quiz Questions:

Changa Manga is the the largest Forest Reserve in Pakistan

GK Questions

gk questions

General Knowledge Questions

General Knowledge Quiz Questions:

1st December 1989 The Day The First Woman Bank was founded in Pakistan


General Knowledge Test

Pakistan India Border Line (LOC)

General Knowledge About LOC

General Knowledge Test:

Total Length of LOC (Pakistan India Border Line) is about 720 km long


English / Islamic Quotes


General Knowledge Quiz With Answers

General Knowledge Questions With Answers

General Knowledge About Pakistan

GK Questions:

First Ever Pakistan Radio Station was settled up on 14 August 1947 in Karachi, Sindh


General Knowledge Quiz With Answers

Information About PIA

Information About PIA

General Knowledge Test:

P.I.A (Pakistan International Airline) is the oldest airline in Pakistan It is serving since 29 October 1946


General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Found Date

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Found Date

General Knowledge Questions And Answers:

F.I.A (Federal Investigation Agency) was founded on 13 January 1975


Pakistan is a Country With Rich Culture And Heritage

Pakistan, a nation in Southern Asia, has a rich culture and legacy. Once, a piece of ‘Hindustan’, it turned into an autonomous nation on August 14, 1947. The profoundly customary Pakistani culture obtains intensely from the way of life of Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Aryans, Moghuls and the British.

The neighboring nations like Iran (in the west), Afghanistan (in the northwest) and India (in the east) additionally impact its way of life. Language Although, English is broadly communicated in, Urdu is the official language of this nation. Different dialects that are spoken incorporate Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, Hindko, Saraiki, Brahvi, and so on. GK Questions

Religious Aspects of Pakistan

Religion most of populace are Muslim and follow the Islamic religion in a severe manner. They offer namaaz (supplications) multiple times ordinary. Ramadan, the most significant celebration of the Muslims, is additionally considered as a consecrated month. During this month, they quick from morning till dusk without drinking water and are carefully restricted from smoking and devouring liquor.

The most recent day of Ramadan is Eid which is commended with incredible intensity with loved ones. Islam is the significant religion in this country, yet it isn’t the one and only one. The minority populace contains Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Persians.

Christmas (additionally the birthday of Ali Jinnah, first representative general of Pakistan), Jashn-e-Baharan (spring celebration celebrated by the Punjabis), Baisakhi Purnima (the birth date of Buddha) and Naoroz (Parsi New Year) are among a portion of the celebrations celebrated in this nation. General Knowledge Quiz With Answers

Architectures of Pakistan

Design The engineering of Pakistan is different in nature, as each country that attacked and settled in this nation has left a blemish on it. In antiquated occasions, this Islamic nation was a piece of the Indus Valley Civilization and the structures of Mohenjo Daro, Harappa and Kot Diji, are considered as the legacy destinations. One can likewise observe the Buddhist landmarks that were built during when Buddhism was predominant in Pakistan.

The approach of the Moghuls shut down the Buddhist engineering. During this time, because of the impact of Greeks and Persians, there was an amalgamation of these styles in the engineering of the nation which was known as the ‘Greco-Buddhist’ style.

The intrusion of the Mughal domain prompted the advancement of Islamic engineering. The Shah Jahan Mosque of Thatta is the main structure that was developed by the standards of Mughal engineering. One of the significant landmarks that surfaced during this period is the Badshahi Mosque. It was worked during the standard of Emperor Aurangzeb, and is flanked by the glorious Alamgiri entryway. General Knowledge Test

Afterward, during the hour of colonization, the developments were significantly of Indo-Western style. Today, in the post-provincial period, we can see a blend of every one of these styles alongside the modernized structures.

Sports Although, field hockey is its national game, cricket is a game that is followed with parcel of energy. Lately, even soccer has gotten well known among the individuals. The nation additionally globally speaks to in sports like swimming, boxing, shooting and games.

Craftsmanship and Literature Poetry

Poetry is the most significant type of writing in this nation. One of the most known example of Urdu verse is Mirza Ghalib. He has composed different sonnets in Urdu and Persian. His sonnets are still perused and adored by Urdu and Hindi talking individuals around the world. Pakistani writing isn’t limited uniquely to Urdu verse.

There is an exemplification of works written in English, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pushto dialects. Additionally, there are diasporic journalists around the globe. Music is an essential enthusiasm of the Pakistanis. Qawwali, which was said to have been presented by Amir Khusrau, is one of the most conventional types of music in this nation. Urdu and Punjabi movies or popular music are additionally mainstream among the individuals.

These days, it is mixed with western music and this amalgamation has formed into a mainstream music classification. The most well known diversion medium in Pakistan are the TV and the radio. Pakistan’s film industry is alluded to as Lollywood with a creation of 40 movies consistently. Indian films are likewise mainstream, in spite of the fact that they have been prohibited by the Government of Pakistan.

(General Knowledge Quiz Questions And Answers)

Social Culture of Pakistan

Social Culture The Pakistanis are for the most part moderate in nature. They follow a severe set of principles. They live in a man centric family where the oldest male part is the leader of the family. The seniors are given parcel of regard and their sentiments are respected with most extreme significance while taking significant choices. Despite the fact that training is considered as a significant factor among the white collar class individuals, most ladies are not given the opportunity to work.

Yet, these days, many joint families are crumbling into family units because of the social and financial restrictions that are upheld by the joint family framework. This nation sticks to its conventional convictions, qualities and customs particularly in issues of religion.

In spite of the fact that, the Pakistanis are profoundly established in their social qualities, the country isn’t falling behind, with globalization influencing all aspects of the world. Westernization has left into their way of life which has prepared for positive turn of events.


General Knowledge Test

General Knowledge Quiz With Answers

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