General Knowledge Questions
general knowledge questions

General Knowledge Questions

The Russian Federation or Russia is a European country
which is located in Eastern Europe with a extensive expanse
of territory that straighten across the Northern Asia,
At 17,125,200 square kilometers, it is
the largest country of world by area.
Russia is the most populated country in Europe and the ninth-most populous nation in the world
with 146.7 million inhabitants living in the country.


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amazon river
amazon river

Amazon River
in South America and it is the largest river
by volume of discharge water in the world,
and by most accepted definitions it is
the second longest river in the world, after the Nile River.And having an average discharge of about 209,000 cubic M/s. Brazil consider to be the main stem of the Amazon.


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grand canal
grand canal

Do you know that the Grand Canal
known to the Chinese as the Jing–Hang Grand Canal ?
As per UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the longest as well as the oldest canal or artificial river in the world.
It connects to Hai River, Huai River, Yellow River.
Qiantang River & Yangtze River
with the length of 1,776 km long.


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