Hazrat Ali Quotes
Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes :

The heart gets tired just as the body gets tired. So (when that happens) look for wise phrases for them.


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Teachings of Imam Ali

Teachings of Imam Ali :

The person who encounters different opinions recognizes the places of error and slippage.


Hazrat Ali Quotes

hazrat ali quotes
Trial or Punishment

Trial or Punishment :

The calamity which has befallen you from Allah is a trial and the one that has taken you away from Allah is the punishment.


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Best Islamic Wallpaper

Best Islamic Wallpaper :

“Surely you wish to return to your Lord” Surah Alaq : 08


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Al-Quran :

“Surely the Hereafter is better for you than this world” Al-Quran 04 : 93


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Beautiful Verses

Beautiful Verses :

Oh my lord forgive me and accept my repentance indeed you’re oft-returning with compassion and you’re merciful (aameen)


Golden Words

hazrat ali quotes
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Who Knows the Unseen :

none in the heavens and the earth knows the unseen except Allah

Al-Quran 27:65

A Brief Biography of Hazrat Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib(as)

Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib(as) was conceived on Friday, thirteenth of rajab, 30 Amulfeel. His dad’s name was Abu Talib, the uncle of Prophet Mohammad, and his mom was Fatima Binte Asad, The devout lady that has raised Prophet. His title was Murtada.

Imam Ali was conceived in Kabba. This occasion has been referenced in books “Izalatul Kholafa” of Shah Waliullah, Mohadith-e-Dehlvi, Mustadrak of Imama Hakim section 3, page 438, Muruj el Zahab of Masoodi and Tazkeratul Khawas ul Umma page 7.

After his introduction to the world Imam Ali was received by Prophet. Prophet took Imam Ali wherever with him, even in Hira mountain where Prophet had used to go for reflection. As a result of this closeness the principal man which has acknowledged Prophets knead was Imam Ali (as). What’s more, when the disclosures were uncovered to Prophet, Imam Ali was the first to hear them.

Authorization for Proclaiming Islam

After Allah’s authorization for proclaiming Islam message out in the open, Prophet welcomed pioneers of the Banu Hashim to go to his home. Forty of them came and heard Muhammad (S) message which was ‘ No god yet Allah and Muhammad (S) as the delivery person of Allah and whoever offers his assistance to proliferate this religion will be his representative and replacement’. Prophet has rehashed this sentence multiple times however each time nobody with the exception of ‘Ali (as) responded to this inquiry. After that Muhammad (S) announced that ‘Ali (as) will be his representative to his crucial will be his replacement.

The evening of the displacement to Medina (Hijrah) when the adversaries had encircled the place of the Prophet and intended to attack the house toward the night’s end and execute Prophet, while he was sleeping. ‘Ali stayed in bed spot of the Prophet while the Prophet went out to Medina. Along these lines he wrecked the unbelievers intend to murder Prophet Mohammad.

After flight to Medina Prophet made an obligation of fellowship among Muslims and made Ali his own sibling. Sooner or later Ali (as) wedded Fatimeh(s), the little girl of Prophet, and turned into his child in law.

Ali (as) partook in clashes of Badr, Ohud, Khandaq, Khyber and numerous different fights which had occurred in the early long stretches of Islam.

Prophet Mohammad has pronounced Imam Ali (as) as his replacement in various events, in spite of the fact that this has been overlooked by a portion of the noticeable associates of Prophet after his death.

The Primary Event

As we have referenced before was when Prophet announced Islam openly dependent on Allah’s organization. At the point when he has rehashed the sentences’No god yet Allah and Muhammad (S) as the errand person of Allah and whoever offers his assistance to proliferate this religion will be his delegate and replacement’ multiple times and nobody aside from ‘Ali (as) responded to this inquiry, Muhammad (S) announced that ‘Ali (as) will be his representative to his crucial will be his replacement.

The Occasion of Qadir

The other event wherein prophet has alluded to Imam Ali (as) successorship was the occasion of Qadir in the last journey of prophet to Mecca on eighteenth of Zilhijja, tenth of Hijrah. In this occasion prophet requested that the pioneers stop and asked those others that had past to returned request to convey Allah’s message to the them. There he has begun by this refrain:

“O’ Prophet; broadcast the entire of that which hath been sent down to thee from thy Lord, for if thou dost it not, it will be as though thou hast not in any way played out the obligation of His Prophethood. What’s more, God will shield thee from abhorrent men, verily God guideth not the unbelievers.” (5:67.)

Greatness and Glory of the Ahl al-Bayt

After that the Prophet asked individuals, “Do you not affirm that there is no God yet Allah, that Muhammad is His animal, His hireling, and His ambassador, that there is the Heaven and the Hell, that passing will surpass all of you, that you will be brought over from your graves. that the Day of Judgment will without a doubt day break and individuals will be restored from their graves to represent their deeds.”

The entire group replied as one, “We accept and affirm this.” Then the Prophet proceeded, “I am leaving among both of you most significant things deserving of dutifulness, the Qur’an and my offspring (Ahlul Bayt). Take care how you treat them, they won’t independent from one another till they contact me at the wellspring of Kauser.”

At that point he stated, “The Almighty God is my Lord (Maula) and I am the Lord all things considered and have more right and force on their lives than they themselves. Do you trust in this statement of mine?” They across the board voice answered “Yes O’Messenger of God.” Multiple times he posed a similar inquiry and multiple times he got a similar positive answer.

At this serious attestation he stated, “Hear and recall that to whomever I am Lord or Maula, ‘Ali is the Lord and Maula to him. He is to me what Aaron was to Musa. The Almighty God is a companion to his companions and an adversary to his enemy, help the individuals who help him and disappoint the individuals who double-cross him.”


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