Islamic English Quotes
Islamic Quotes

Islamic English Quotes

Islamic English Quotes

Islamic Quotes :

“If You Want to Learn about ISLAM Go Study Islam, Don’t Study Muslims. Islam is Perfect Muslims are Not.” -Zakir Naik-


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Ashfaq Ahmad Quotations :

“Where is the Peace Hidden? In case of negligence, in Prostration And if there is a sin, then Repent” [Ashfaq Ahmad]


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Hadees Sharif :

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (r.a) narrated that Rasool Allah ﷺ said that ; “Whoever sends blessings on me once, Allah have mercy on him ten times.” [Sahih Muslim : 912]


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Blessings of Thankfulness :

Learn to be Thankful Allah will give you so much that you will get tired!


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Islamic English Quotes

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Hadees Sharif :

Hazrat Jareer bin Abdullah (r.a) states that Rasool Allah ﷺ said that ; “He who is deprived of gentleness and kindness is deprived of goodness and mercy”

[Sanan Ibn-e-Maja]


Studies of Islam

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Blessings of Prayer

Blessings of Prayer :

If prayer becomes a habit, then success becomes destiny


Islamic English Quotes

Hadees Wallpaper

Hadees Wallpaper :

The Prophet ﷺ said that: “He who recites the Qur’aan aloud is like one who gives charity openly and one who recites the Qur’aan silently is like one who gives charity secretly.”

[Al-Tirmizi : 2919]


Islam as the Religion of Peace and Tolerance

Unity, concerning entire vision, the perspective of life along with the social network all involve the unity of humankind, brother and sisterhood, equality in fundamental rights and the abolition of discrimination based on speech, colour, race, or family or lineage.

Islam, that heralded the end of federal religions in the history of humankind, invites individuals to live together in freedom within the frame of laws that are common. Islam has abolished everything belongs to the era of Ignorance and all which conveys the features of the period of ignorance; for instance, all of egotism, brutality, oppression and injustice; in reality, to a fantastic extent Islam has eradicated those.

The Main Meaning and Basic Characteristics of Islam

According to Islamic principles, even if a person is an unbeliever, their possessions, lifestyle, or honour can’t be violated. Mental and physiological health and the liberty to make a household will be the inalienable rights of each person. In precisely the exact same manner, no other essential rights and rights could be infringed upon. In a state of warfare, girls, kids, and the elderly that aren’t fighting are all spared.

According to the prosecution attracted from the Holy Quran, the murder of one innocent person is a murder that’s as gruesome as the murder of humanity. The rights of a individual are as sacred as the rights of the rest of the men and women.

Nevertheless, the next year, once the news reached them that Heracles had prepared an army of 200,000 so as to assault the town, the Muslims chose to flee the city. If they were leaving the town they paid the capitation tax they have taken in the people of Humus, also stated them the next:”After we chose this taxation against you, we ensured your security.

Instances of Tolerance from the Past

Now, however, we are not going to be able to shield you. You’ll need to look after yourselves.” Both the Christians and the Jews, who understood what it meant to be under Byzantine rule, weren’t happy by this scenario; around the contrary they had been the Christian people stated,”Your justice and rule is more beneficial to us than the oppression and unlawfulness we lived under prior to your birth. We’ll combine forces with your governor and protect our town against the military of Heracles.”

The Jews said,”From the Torah! The governor of Heracles won’t enter the town of Humus unless he defeats and measures .” And therefore, the local inhabitants shut the doors and defended town. As soon as the armies of Heracles were conquered and had retreated, the local inhabitants welcomed the Muslim people back in the town with open arms.

Belazuri, that relates that the events, proceeds thus:”Another Christian and Jewish towns which favored Muslim principle acted in precisely the exact same fashion and stated’ When the Romans and their issues are victorious over the Muslims, we’ll remain in the old manner. However, if just a single Muslim ought to stay, we’ll keep to our arrangements'” (Belazuri 1987, 187).

As the Muslims let the members of different religions under their own rule to practice their own religion, in precisely the exact same manner they didn’t object to building mosques, churches, and synagogues side by side, or even Muslims and Christian worshiping in various areas of the exact same temple.

If this should happen to be dropped with time in certain Islamic lands or at certain Muslim people, then this doesn’t have anything to do with Islam; in these scenarios, an individual ought to search for psychological or sociological, regional, or even person triggers.

Islam considers humanity are the most honorable of all animals, outfitted with will, and consequently recognizes freedom of perception as a crucial right. Islam requires the removal of the barriers that lie between God and human wisdom, consciousness, and will as a basic principle.

Therefore, it highlights the fact that when Islam is introduced, an individual has to stick to the path of what could be known as”representing and communication”; the path of communicating and practicing Islam in the best way possible.

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