Islamic Quotes in English
Islamic Quotes

Islamic Quotes in English

Islamic Quotes in English

Islamic Quotes :

Your manners reflect your religion. Be kind and courteous and speak good to people.


Essential Instances of Good Habits and Manners

  1. Pick your words astutely and don’t hurry to remark about things you don’t think a lot about. Being a decent audience is regularly superior to talking. You don’t have to have a conclusion on everything.
  2. Thoroughly consider things before you talk, particularly in the event that you are an individual who might be poor at finding the correct words to state. Try not to begin a sentence, with ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ in the middle of, it appears to be unbalanced and you should take a stab at addressing yourself before a mirror, it works! It expands your positive about talking.
  3. Try not to talk uproariously. You will rapidly lose regard on the off chance that you do, as this can be viewed as domineering and inconsiderate. It can likewise drive others crazy and annoyed with you before you even set up a relationship with them. They will consider you to be a ‘major mouth’ who can’t be trusted with anything secret. So work on cranking your volume down in the event that you will in general have an uproarious voice.
  4. Talk as for and of others. You can do this by keeping away from negative comments that may affront another person. The general guideline is-on the off chance that you don’t need somebody to talk about you that way, you don’t talk about them to other people.
  5. Absolutely never talk about substantial capacities regardless of whether it is an easygoing discussion, for example, utilizing the washroom or making rough quips, for this gives indication of adolescence and regularly makes an awful impression of you with your companions, family, and associates.
  6. Continuously regard more seasoned individuals and hear them out and learn. This applies to all seniors and not simply guardians and grandparents.
  7. Utilizing the terms ‘Thank You’, and ‘You are Welcome’ shows that you have great habits. Individuals who need habits don’t utilize these terms.
  8. Hold open an entryway for anybody tailing you intently. This is an indication of a decent way and has never showed signs of change. There are no exacting sex governs these days.
  9. Praise your folks regard them, regardless of whether there are things about them that you don’t care for. In the event that you can’t do that, avoid talking about them by any means. It looks terrible to affront or tear down the individuals who brought you into this world or raised you. Try not to wash filthy family clothing in broad daylight. It is negative and discourteous.
  10. Try not to pledge to utilize rottenness language and revile words. It is amateurish! Individuals who do this are normally youthful and have no poise or regard for themselves as well as other people!

Conclusion :

Great habits are basically regard and thought for other people or monitoring the requirements of others. They are the oil which greases up the grinding of relational relations and makes a cheerful and effective society. Thus, Give Regard and Take Regard!


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Prayers Benefits :

Don’t feel shy about showing your weaknesses to Allah, because He will help you turn them into strengths.


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Marriages :

Marriage is not easy, but with Allah’s help, it can be the best time ever. May Allah bless all couples and those who are seeking.


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Secret of Success :

“if you’re sincere in your intensions, Allah will most definitely show you a way. All it takes is some hope, trust and perseverence!”


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Halal Ways of Living :

Choose the Halal way and leave the Haram way behind. When you choose the Halal way Allah will make a way for it to reach you.


Islamic Quotes in English

islamic quotes
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“And when i am ill, it is He who cures me”

[Ash shu’ra 26:80]


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Many thanks to ALLAH


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