Motivational Quotes in Urdu
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes in Urdu

Motivational Quotes in Urdu

Inspirational Sayings :

“Fateha Logon Ke Marne Pe Nahen Ehsaas Ke Marne Pe Parhni Chahye Kyunke Log Mar Jayen To Sabar Ajata Hai Agar Ehsaas Mar Jaye To Muashira Mar Jata Hai”

Ashfaq Ahmed


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Mustansar Hussain Tarar Quotes :

“Ye Aik Aisa Muashira Hai Jahan Tawaef Ko Bangla De Kar Chupaya Jata Hai, Lekin Ghareeb Ko Aatey Ka Thela De Kar Uski Tashheer Ki Jati Hai!”


Heart Touching

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Importance of Father

Inspirational Sms :

Baap Ka Hath Pakar Kar Rakhen Kisi Ke Pair Pakarney Ki Zarurat Nahen Paregi!


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Aqwaal-e-Sheikh Saadi :

“Kisi Ko Itna Pyar Do Ke Gunjaish Na Choro Agar Wo Phir Bhi Tumhara Na Ban Sakey To Ussey Chor Do Kyunke Wo Tumhari Mohabbat Ka Talabgar Nahen Balke Zarurat Ka Pujari Hai!”


Motivational Quotes in Urdu

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Best Short Lines

Best Short Lines :

Jo Aankh Manfi Dekhne Ki Aadi Hojaye Ussey Misbat Men Bhi Do Manfi Nazar Aajate Hain!


Golden Words

Sunaherey Qol

Sunaherey Qol :

Kisi Se Itni Nafrat Na Karo Ke Agar Kabhi Milna Pare To Mil Na Sako, Aur Kisi Se Itni Mohabbat Bhi Na Karo Ke Agar Tanha Jeena Pare To Jee Na Sako!


Motivational Quotes in Urdu

Human Reality

Ghuroor Ki Auqaat :

Insan Ke Ghuroor Ki Auqat Bas Itni Si Hai Ke Na Pehli Bar Khud Naha Sakta Hai Aur Na He Aakhri Bar!!


Un-Motivational Moral & Ethical Values in Society
The erosion of ethical values in our society now has turned into a phenomenon. Morals will be the satisfactory standard of overall behavior or behavior when judged by a mean individual or the society in large. Morality plays a wholesome synthesis between individuals, co-operate every other in a harmonic manner, comprehend the correct or wrong distinction creates a value based culture. Morals are affected by society, family, culture and societal values etc..

The services of schooling like school, family and society play a significant part in developing moral and moral values among our youths. But sadly due to many social and financial facets many households are disoriented, disorganised and confused and neglected to play this crucial function.
Our institutions of education are preparing effective people but un-motivational citizens. Society now is marked by greed, violence, greed, drug dependence and notably the offenses against women are growing be it rape or other sorts of violences from them. Discipline now is lacking one of young kids. They don’t comply with the elders and frequently disrespects them.

Young generations now gotten so much inspiration from self-centered society they are largely active in serving their particular interests.
The contemporary materialistic world increases our standard of living but decreases our standard of lifestyle i.e. the worthiness of life. Due to population explosion, understanding explosion (science and engineering ) and substance explosion guy has begun moving towards the incorrect route by considering material conveniences of this world as actual joy.
The expanding influence of these negative facets of Western civilization in younger creation is stranded on the crossroads. Education system must include inspirational and motivational English and Urdu literature based on ethical and moral values should be teach them to not turn beasts from the skull of individual form.Undoubtedly materialistically the society is increasing at a extremely fast pace but when we analyse our pace and advancement morally and ethically we’ve been day by day in each industry,be our spiritual institutions,our universities,our government offices or some other associations the technical examples of morality and integrity are missing anywhere.
We’ve seen our Ulmas sporting costly brands and alive exceptionally luxurious lifestyle and delivering sermons to individuals of living the life span of simplicity..why our Ulmas talk about the current situations and the ethical degradation widespread in our society within their sermons.
Parental behaviors are un-motivational :
In the modern society the function of parents is much crucial in creating the character of their child. Parents are a lot more worried about schooling of the children instead of teaching good moral values . Working parents neglects to create decent discipline and ways among the kids. The majority of them are oblivious of what their kids do if they aren’t in house. Occasionally excess liberty to the youths participate them to involve many undesirable actions such as, gaming, rocking, trafficking etc that finally turns into grave offenses. Parents of now are neglected to control the actions of the kids, some parents are not able to handle requirements of the children which forced them to pursue immoral activity.

Un-Motivational Influence of Mass Media :
Many medias, pictures, games and movies which do not just neutralize violence but frequently glorify it. There’s so much violence, vulgarity in these amusement avenues and when the vast majority of childhood watches nowadays, the effects of the exact same on another generation can not be favorable.
Defective education system :
The contemporary youth getting education are dropping their idealism and residing in religious vacuum. Moral values don’t have any regard today. Maximum esteem is Being put on power and wealth. Religion has become a personal affair and stress has been put on secularization of societal relationships.

Human connections are getting to be secondary and unbiased.Higher significance to materialistic success among college pupils.

Privatization of educational institutes is yet another significant cause for decrease in moral values in schooling.

Mushrooming Permission and recognition offered by authorities to open self-financed private associations have produced the instruction to obtain the status of a marketable commodity, in which educational institutes behave as the dealers and pupils are their clients.

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