Romantic Ghazal in Urdu
Romantic Ghazal in Urdu

Romantic Ghazal in Urdu

Romantic Ghazal in Urdu


In this post, we’ll talk about Urdu ghazal poetry. This post also tells about the history of Urdu ghazal poetry. In this post, you can read romantic ghazals in Urdu. In this post, you can also read Wasi Shah poetry in Urdu, love ghazals in Urdu, and Wasi Shah Ghazals.


Love Ghazal in Urdu/Wasi Shah Poetry In Urdu :

jitni duayen aati theen
sab maang len hum ne
jitne wazifay yaad they saaray
kar baithy hain
kayi terhan se jee kar dekha hai
kayi terhan se mar baithy hain
lekin janan
kisi bhi soorat
tum mere ho kar nahi dete


Wasi Shah Poetry In Urdu


wasi shah ghazals
wasi shah ghazals


Romantic Ghazal in Urdu :

apne ehsas se chhoo kar mujhe sandal kar do
mein ke sadiiyon se adhoora hon mukammal kar do
nah tumhe hosh rahay aur nah mujhe hosh rahay
is qader toot ke chaho mujhe pagal kar do
tum hatheli ko maray pyar ki mehndi se rango
apni aankhon mein maray naam ka kajal kar do
is ke saaye mein maray khawab dahk utheen ge
mere chehray pay chamakta sun-hwa aanchal kar do
dhoop hi dhoop hon mein toot ke barso mujh par
is qader barso meri rooh mein jal thal kar do


Urdu Ghazal Poetry

Romantic Poetry In urdu
Romantic poetry in urdu

Love Ghazal in Urdu :

bandh len haath pay seenay pay saja len tum ko
jee mein aata hai ke taveez bana len tum ko
phir tumhe roz sanwarain tumhe barhta dekhen
kyun nah aangan mein Chanbeli sa laga len tum ko
jaisay balon mein koi phool chuna karta hai
ghar ke guldaan mein phoolon sa saja len tum ko
kya ajab khuwaishe uthti hain hamaray dil mein
kar ke mana sa hawaon mein uchalain tum ko
is qader toot ke tum pay hamein pyar aata hai
apni baho mein bharain maar hi dalain tum ko

Romantic Ghazal in Urdu


love ghazal in urdu
love ghazal in urdu

Love Ghazal in Urdu :

tum meri aankh ke tevare nah bhala pao ge
un kahi baat ko samajhoge to yaad aon ga
hum nay khoshion ki terhan dukh bhi ikathay dekhe
safha zeist ko paltoo ge to yaad aon ga
is judai mein tum andar se bikhar jao ge
kisi mazoor ko dekho ge to yaad aon ga
isi andaaz mein hotay they mukhatib mujh se
khat kisi aur ko likho ge to yaad aon ga
meri khusbhoo tumhe khole gi gulabon ki terhan
tum agar khud se nah balow ge to yaad aon ga
aaj to mehfl yaran pay ho maghrour bohat
jab kabhi toot ke bikhro ge to yaad aon ga

Love Ghazal in Urdu


love ghazal in urdu
love ghazal in urdu

Urdu Ghazal Poetry :

aankhon se meri is liye laali nahi jati
yaado se koi raat jo khaali nahi jati
ab Umar nah mausam nah woh raste ke woh palty
is dil ki magar khaam khayaali nahi jati
mangay to agar jaan bhi hans ke tujhy day den
teri to koi baat bhi taaali nahi jati
aaye koi aa kar yeh tre dard sambhale
hum se to yeh jageer sambhali nahi jati
hum raah tre phool khilaati thi jo dil mein
ab shaam wohi dard se khaali nahi jati
hum jaan se jayen ge tabi baat banay gi
tum se to koi raah nikaali nahi jati

Wasi Shah Poetry In urdu


Wasi Shah Ghazals
Wasi Shah Ghazals

Love Ghazal in Urdu :

gungunate hue jazbaat ki aahat pa kar
rooh mein jaagne wali hai koi sargoshi
aaksi khauf mein atriN kisi gham ko avrhhin
kisi ujrre hue lamhay mein sajaaen khud ko
thaam kar reshmi hathon mein sun-hwa ki chadar
rooh mein ghol len taron ka haseen taaj mehal
jee mein aata hai lapat jayen kisi chaand ke sath
be yakeeni ke samandar ka kinara le kar
hum nikal jayen kisi khadshay ki ungli thaamay
teri yaadoun ke taley dard ke saaye saaye


Love Ghazal in Urdu

love ghazal in urdu
love ghazal in urdu

Wasi Shah Poetry In Urdu:

khamoshi raat ki dekhta hon aur tujhe sochta hon
mad hosh aksar hojata hon aur tujhe sochta hon
hosh walon mein jata hon to ulajhti hai tabiyat
so ba hosh para rehta hon aur tujhe sochta hon
to mann mein mere aa ja mein tujh mein sama jaa_uu
adhooray khawab samjhta hon aur tujhe sochta hon
jamanay lagti hain jab lahoo mera farkhat  ki hawaen
to shaal qurbat ki orhta aur tujhe sochta hon

A Brief History of Urdu Ghazal Poetry

Urdu Poetry is a rich convention of verse and has a wide range of structures. Today, it is a significant piece of the way of life of South Asia. As per Naseer Turabi there are five significant artists of Urdu which are Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Anees, Allama Iqbal and Josh Malihabadi.

The language of Urdu arrived at its apex under the British Raj, and it got official status. Every celebrated essayist of Urdu language including Ghalib and Iqbal were given British grants. Following the Partition of India in 1947, it discovered significant artists and researchers were isolated along the nationalistic lines.

Be that as it may, Famous Urdu Poetry is loved in both the countries. Both the Muslims and Hindus from over the outskirt proceed with the convention.

Famous Urdu Poetry it is on a very basic level performative Poetry and its presentation, now and again offhand, is held in Mushairas (wonderful compositions). Despite the fact that its tarannum saaz (singing perspective) has experienced significant changes in late decades, its ubiquity among the majority stays unaltered.

Mushairas are today held in metropolitan zones overall in view of the social impact of South Asian diaspora. Romantic Ghazal in Urdu singing and Qawali are additionally significant explanatory types of Urdu verse.

We Can Sum Up it in the Accompanying Meanings of Poetry

1. The outflow of the heart, human experience, emotions and considerations.

2. Expressing realities in suitable words.

3. A depiction of life composed with creative mind and feeling.

4. The most famous sort of writing.

5. The wellspring to progress, constitution and various expressions and artworks.

6. The mixture of all information and art. q A component of shock to us.

7. A workmanship through which a writer can energize the feelings and sentiments of others.

8. Expressing a common occasion in a compelling, heart-taking style of composing that makes a sharp response in the heart and brain of the per user.

It is a Combination of Natural Beautiful Articulation

Poetry is all inclusive as each language expressed by humankind has in it some beautiful components. Strangely, however dialects vary essentially in the way of articulation, the nature of beautiful articulation stays regular showing that Poetry is all the more a human marvel as opposed to linguistic articulation.

From articulation of affection for a lady to rebel against a system, Poetry conveys in it a component of nuance and suddenness—something made by the environs of the writer.

To comprehend an extraordinary writer, in this manner, we should initially investigate his brain and his attention to the milieu outside. Since Ghalib, without a doubt the best artist of Urdu language, communicated fundamentally through his works of adoration pieces, it is basic that we analyze the craft of affection poems, the language they are written in, and the environs that incited these compositions to see how Ghalib turned into an ace of this class.

In this section we will look at the underlying foundations of Urdu language, Urdu Poetry and especially the class of adoration works, ghazals, in Urdu. The accompanying part will look at the life and works of Ghalib and the third section will offer an expansive perspective on Ghalib’s craft of articulation in affection pieces, the ghazals.


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