Sad Quotes in Urdu
Quotes in Urdu

Sad Quotes in Urdu

Sad Quotes in Urdu

Quotes in Urdu :

Wo Jis Ke Char Bachay Hon Aur Bhookey Hon Aath Pehron Se Phir Batao Ahal-e-Danish

Wo Gandum Le Ya Takhti??


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Urdu Wallpaper
Urdu Wallpaper

Urdu Wallpaper :

Aik Hazar Qabil Insan Mar Jaane Se Itna Nuqsan Nahen Hota Jitna Ke Aik Ahmaq Ke Sahibe Iqtidar Hojane Se Hota Hai!


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Heart Touching :

Aisi Khuwahishat Jin Kelye Insaniat Se Gir Jana Paray Sirf Dukh Ka He Baais Banti Hain Zindagi Ki Daur Bohat Sedhi Si Hai Jisay Insan He Uljha Deta Hai!


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Sad Quotes in Urdu


Kabhi Nahen Bharta :

Cheen Kar Khane Walon Ka Pait Kabhi Nahen Bharta Aur Baan Kar Khane Wale Kabhi Bhookey Nahen Rehtey!!


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Zameer Ko Maar Dala :

Hukm-e-Rabbi Ye Tha Ke Insan Apne Nafs Ko Maare Lekin Insan Ne To Apne Zameer Ka He Gala Ghont Dia!


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Ajeeb Insani Fitrat :

Insani Fitrat Bhi Bohat Ajeeb Hai, Wo Masnooi Kirdaron Ke Jazbaat Per Yaqeen Kar Leta Hai Jabke Haqeeqi Zindagi Men Logon Ke Jazbaat Ko Drama Samajhta Hai!


Sad Quotes in Urdu


Bey Mani Haqeeqat :

Jahan Kisi Ki Sochne Samajhne Ki Salahiat Ko Bhi Khatam Kar Dia Jaye Wahan Ye Haqeeqat Bey Mani Reh Jati Hai Ke Hum Insanon Men Jee Rahe Hain Ya Hewanon Men!!


What we’re doing to help end global hunger? Very Sad and Bitter Truth

Food is fundamental to individual well-being: it supplies the body with nutrition, provides livelihoods that lift individuals from poverty, also brings communities together. Although food is a fundamental human necessity, too many men and women are trapped in a cycle of desire by forces beyond their immediate control, such as poverty, sadness, conflict and inequality.
Despite decades of progress in reducing world hunger, 2017 saw gains in the amount of individuals that are hungry.
The World Health Organization believes this to be the single biggest threat to international health. Hunger is cyclical and generational: it inhibits people’s ability to operate and learn about their fullest capacity, which can suppress their potential and snare them and their families in more poverty — and much more appetite.

Common causes of hunger

World hunger is due to much more than the usual lack of food. In areas where food is abundant or could be increased, challenges such as disasters, poverty or struggle prevent individuals from getting it.
Men and women in poverty normally spend between 60 and 80% of the earnings on food, which may induce them to reevaluate feeding their households more than meeting other basic needs or accomplishing long-term objectives, such as sending their kids to college. When an emergency strikes, then they might want to skip meals so as to deal financially — and the cycle of appetite persists.

Where in the world is hunger the worst?

In accordance with the Food Security Information Network, insecurity and conflict were main drivers of food insecurity in 2017, independently accountable for placing 74 million individuals needing urgent aid. Climate change can be eroding existing attempts to enhance food safety.
Hunger may also stem from insufficient food programs, such as, for instance, a shortage of road infrastructure to link people to markets, or even inadequate storage centers, whereby food becomes wasted without reaches those who want it.

Weather consequences, thanks in part to climate change, will also be progressively driving appetite. These facts are amazingly very sad that half the world’s poor increase their own food, and natural disasters such as droughts and floods often wipe out exposed households’ whole food source and earnings.
But if these obstacles to food accessibility were eliminated, the entire world will still must modify its farming practices to satisfy the requirements of its growing populace.

Where in the world is appetite the worst?

Virtually all of the world’s hungry — 98 percent — live in growing areas.

In 2018, the community expects battle and insecurity to stay a main driver of appetite, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen, that is right now the planet’s most dire food catastrophe.

Weather-related disasters, such as drought, are also likely to be a significant catalyst of hunger but that the effect will probably be biggest in West Africa and the Sahel, in places like Ethiopia, Niger, Mali, Kenya and Somalia.

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