Stop Wasting Time On B-Level Opportunities

Stop Wasting Time On B-Level Opportunities

Stop Wasting Time On B-Level Opportunities


Do your skills and opportunity match? If not, no matter how amazing
your skills, you’ll never see the crazy money and success that the big companies

Have you ever moved into an opportunity that doesn’t match your skill
set? This is something I did a lot. From potato guns to supplements, I had
A-level skills but I applied them to a lot of B-level opportunities. Until we
started our software company, ClickFunnels, there was a ceiling to each of
these endeavors that no advanced strategy or skill could overcome.

Look at the opportunities in everything—not just business, but your
relationship opportunities and your spiritual opportunities. Are you at an
A-level opportunity in all areas of your life? If not, then change it. Why? Because
it takes the exact same amount of effort as the B-level opportunities.

That’s what’s interesting.
Whether you have a small Toyota Corolla or a big Toyota 4Runner, they
are both going to take the same amount of effort to drive, but one is going
to carry a lot more people and stuff than the other!
My friend Bill had a buddy who was in an A-level business opportunity
and sold his company for $100 million. He didn’t work as hard as Bill or me,
but the opportunity allowed for that kind of growth. Most of us just go out
there, and whatever we stumble upon, that’s what we start running with.

I met a surgeon once who just couldn’t understand how I was making so
much money. He said, “I don’t understand what you do. I went to school forever,
I cut people open, I operate on them, and do all these things, but you’re
obviously making way more money. I just don’t understand it.”

We got into this debate and he’s like, “How are you that much smarter
than me?”
Of course my response was, “Are you kidding me? You think I’m smarter than you? Dude, you’re a freaking doctor. You cut people open. You’re dissecting
arteries and gluing them together and saving lives every day. You
are way smarter than I’ve ever dreamt of being. It’s not even a contest. Put
two of us in a room, ask anybody. You’re way smarter than me. The only difference
is the vehicle that I chose to apply my knowledge in has the ability to
make more money.

That’s it.”
I’m giving you permission right now to consciously choose the opportunities
in your life—from relationships to business to personal life to spiritual
life, whatever it is. Consciously make the choice. I’m giving you permission
to make those changes because I know that a lot of times, we need that.
You have my permission.
Look for your A-level opportunities and seize them.

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