Urdu Quotes
Urdu Quotes

Urdu Quotes

Urdu Quotes

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Rozedar Ka Aizaz

Rasool Allah Ne Farmaya ;

Qasam Hai Uss Zaat Ki Jis Ke Qabzey Men Muhammad Ki Jaan Hai Rozedar Ki Boo Allah Ke Nazdeek Kastori Ki Khushboo Se Bhi Ziada Pakeeza Hai


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Hazrat Ali Sayings :

Aqwaal-e-Ali Karam Allah Wajahu

Log Bemari Ke Khauf Se Ghiza Chor Dete Hain Magar Khauf-e-Khuda Ki Waja Se Gunah Nahen Chorte


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Fazeelat Syeda Fatima

Jannati Auraton Ki Sardar :


Fatima Razi Allah Anha Tamam Jahan Ki Auraton Aur Jannati Auraton Ki Sardar Hain


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Namazi Nahen Hota :

Baat Sajdon Ki Nahen Khuloos-e-Dil Ki Hoti Hai Janab Her Mekhaney Men Sharabi Aur Her Her Masjid Men Namazi Nahen Hota


Urdu Quotes

Urdu Quotes
Golden Words

Mushkilen Aasaan :

Dusron Kelye Acha Sochoge To Allah Taala Tumhare Raaste Seedhe Ker Dega Aur Tumhari Mushkilen Aasaan Bana Dega


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Ajeeb Hai Insan :

Insan Bhi Kitna Ajeeb Hai Dusrey Ko Mushkilat Men Phansey Hon To Kehta
Hai Jesi Karni Wesi Bharni Lekin Jab Khud Per Mussebat Aati Hai To Kehta Hai Aazmaish Allah Ki Taraf Se He Aati Hai


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Islamic Wallpaper

Islamic Wallpaper :

Rooth Jana Sunnat-e-Ayesha Razi Allah Anha Hai Jabke Mana Lena Sunnat-e-Muhammad ﷺ

Ramadan – The Month of Blessings

Ramadan is a sacred month for roughly 1 billion Muslims across the world. It comprises 12 months that are predicated on the place of the moon. Considering that the 12 synodic months just complete (12 x 29.53=-RRB- 354.36 days, the Islamic calendar is somewhat shorter than the tropical year, and so it changes in the Christian calendar.

Ramadan is a month in which Muslims practice daily fasting, which starts at sunrise and ends in the start of sunset. This month is a Holy month in which Muslims practice our religion. Additionally this month is referred to as the month at which God has sent us the Quran.

During Ramadan we aren’t only being asked not to drink and eat, we’re requested to talk no evil and don’t evil. We’re asked to consider and contribute to the poor and also to recall how blessed we are with that we’ve got. We’re requested to volunteer in associations, concentrate on the religious and clinic self-control.

Mosques from around the globe will read the whole Quran during Ramadan. For most folks Ramadan marks the start of working on becoming a better individual and getting closer to God. It’s well-known that during Ramadan most folks would concentrate on and enhance their physical and psychological wellness.

During Ramadan we have big gatherings of friends and family. All of us come together before breaking up our fasts. The timing for”Iftar” affects every day. It’s declared by the phone for prayer and there’s a cannon shot in precisely the exact same moment.

These events indicate it’s time to break the fast. These foods start mostly with some water or milk and dates and expand into big main dishes which were prepared throughout the day.

Once Iftar we find many different sorts of desserts. Through these events we’re sharing our meals and our distance with individuals, and we appreciate our time together as family. At the hour before sunrise people probably have the”Suhoor” meal. This really is a light meal before dawn whereby we start our cycle of fasting .

If we interpret this , it’s”Festival of breaking the fast”. This holiday is among the two main holidays in the Islamic calendar. It’s celebrated over three times. Throughout Eid ul Fitr people decorate their houses with all sorts of decorations, the kids are generally given gifts and a lot of sweets. People today dress up and revel in their time together with family members and friends.


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